Yo Gabba Gabba

Animated segments for award-winning children’s television show on Nick Jr. Animations were used in both broadcast television and live stage show.

Hey, Come Out and Play

Yo Gabba Gabba tasked me to create a kid-friendly animation from an obscure song from the 60’s. I commissioned the band “The Little Ones” to rerecord the song and directed Puny Animation to create the animation. The story follows a central character as he heads outside to make new friends and find adventure. 

Official Selection of 2008 Ottawa International Animation Festival


For the second season, Yo Gabba Gabba asked me to write and direct a story for their Ride episode. The animation revisits the character from Hey, Come Out and Play and follows him on a bike race against his brother and the wrong turn that leads him into an unknown land. Animation by Puny.


The Happiest Tree

For the Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas Special, I directed a story about a tree who dreams of becoming the best Christmas tree ever. Animation by Puny.