Various music packaging

Damien Jurado I Break Chairs

When an artist titles his record I Break Chairs, the only thing you can do is make a collapsible pop-up chair that “breaks” every time the record is closed. 

Iron & Wine The Creek Drank the Cradle

The debut album of a singer/songwriter whose songs sound like they’ve been tucked away in with a box of old books from a bygone era. My goal was to create a cover that looked like one of the neighboring books. The booklet’s linen paper cover reinforces the modest yet graceful quality of the music.

Hot Hot Heat Make Up the Breakdown

Metallic silver, fluorescent yellow and black inks give the package impact. Additionally, putting the band’s photo on the cover, but covering it up with lettering simultaneously references the band’s image-conscious look   and their punk roots.

Tammar Visits

The unnatural, pink tones of the cover urge the viewer inward toward the blue ocean beyond. This theme extends throughout the package as pink contrasts blue.  

Mudhoney Since We've Become Translucent

CD booklet has translucent pieces of acetate which allows the listener to customize their album cover.

Iron & Wine Woman King EP

The folk songs on this record are controlled, delicate and precise. The cover image of thimbles on a small wooden shelf felt like the perfect fit. 

Kinski Airs Above Your Station

The band insisted on using photos they took on their recent tour for the album artwork, despite their lackluster quality. To satisfy their desires while creating something memorable, each panel consists of two photos placed within thin alternating vertical strips. The result is a thunderous, dizzying package that is a perfect fit with their wall-of-sound music.

Rosie Thomas In Between EP

Although the title for this EP came from the fact that it was released as a stop-gap between two full lengths, I redefined the title. By splitting the front cover down the middle--along the opening of her jacket, the booklet becomes a way of inviting the listener in from the cold.