Suicide Squeeze Records 20th Anniversary

Suicide Squeeze Records, a cornerstone of the Seattle music scene, celebrated their 20th Anniversary in 2016. To mark the occasion, they threw two back-to-back shows. The first night featured the rowdy younger bands to the label. And the second night was a slightly more refined set. Tasked with creating imagery that resonated with different audiences, I created three images to use throughout the anniversary. The skull with snake represented the first night. The skull with flora was for the second night. And a third image, a skull with vapors, was used to overlap the two, for uses that pertained to both nights. A late addition was Pabst Blue Ribbon coming on board to sponsor the shows. They suggested the idea of doing an embroidered patch. The only logical solution was a fourth skull crushing a beer bottle in its teeth.

Screen printed poster for first night

Screen printed poster for second night

Pinback buttons

Embroidered patch sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

Enamel pins

Giveaway to first attendees to both nights featuring a totebag, sampler CD, earplugs in Suicide Squeeze case, and pinback buttons

Limited edition T-shirt