I've shipped a lot of prints in a lot of tubes. This got me to would be cool to ship a snake in a tube. And this snake is LARGE. Which means the tube is LARGE. Which means it'll be a pretty exciting visit from the postman. 

4-color serigraph
Edition size: 60 (signed/numbered)


Hiding Out

It's been a while since I've made a new print. Been out in the weeds, staying busy. 

6-color serigraph with 3 split fountains
Edition size: 100 (signed/numbered)


Past Presence

I created this in celebration of Sub Pop Records' 25th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of The Shins' Chutes too Narrow album. A whole lot of wonderful memories came from working with them all.

3-color serigraph
Edition size: 75 (signed/numbered)



Flat Summit

For the most part, I work in paper. Sure, I've created things in 3 dimensions and had drawings slide on a rainbow across the screen. But the majority is paper. And that body of work is full of ups and downs, successes and failures. I made this print as a reminder to always learn from the low points in life and cherish the high ones. 

1-color split fountain serigraph with metallic inks (blending from a deep blue into black) on white paper. By nature of split fountain printing, every print is slightly different.

12" x 18"
Edition size: 125 (signed/numbered)


Middle Footprint

Collaborative print with Robert Hardgrave
16" x 20"
4-color serigraph (4 metallic inks including copper on off-white paper)
Edition size: 150 (signed/numbered)

Mini Footprints

Set of 3 small collaborative prints with Robert Hardgrave. 
4-color serigraphs (4 metallic inks including copper on off-white paper)
Edition size: 100 (unsigned/unnumbered)
$20 (for set of 3)

Permanent Shadow


Below us, behind us, beneath us exists a vast universe, forever locked in the past. The present and the future are build upon the foundations created before. To ensure the best future, we must be the best people we can be in the present.


16" x 20"
2-color serigraph
Edition size: 100 (signed/numbered)


Platform set

Balance is essential in life.

Set of 4 small prints
Each print measures 4" x 6"
6-color serigraphs
Edition size: 100 (signed/numbered)
$20 (for set of 4)

Sayonara Gohan

After living in Japan for a little over a year, it was a bittersweet move back to the U.S. On one hand, it was nice to be back in the comforts (and space!) of my home country. On the other, however, I really miss all the excitement and exploration Japan had to offer. My goal with the print was to take a reductionist approach (both in image and in title) to articulate my mixed feelings about the move.

18" x 18"
4-color serigraphs
Edition size: 100 (signed/numbered)

Deconstructed Masters

A rework of the Masters of Balance imagery. The original image explored the fine balance between good and evil. In this version, the lines of good and evil are blurred. Sometimes the two overlap. Life isn't always black and white. As this print proves, there's also silver. 

6" x 36"
3-color serigraph (with metallic silver ink)
Edition size: 100 (signed/numbered)

If These Walls Could Talk

Giving your walls a face will help you remember that you're always being hugged by it's 4 plaster/brick/cement/wood/whatever arms.


10" x 10"
4-color serigraph
Edition size: 100 (signed/numbered)

I've Walked These Streets a Thousand Times

You could walk down the same block a million times and always see something new. And if you don't, you're not looking hard enough. It's easy to rush through life and not notice the things just beyond our normal line of sight. Slow down, breathe, and notice the details in life. And while you're at it, buy this print to remind you to do so. 

8" x 10"
5-color serigraph
Edition size: 100 (signed/numbered)