LeDouxville Space

LeDouxville Space was a 1500 square foot pop-up gallery and retail storefront space in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Consisting of two adjoining rooms, the space provided a unique setting for art exhibitions, installations, performances, and limited edition releases. The front room featured a dedicated installation/exhibition space while the back room incorporated a shop/retail space.

The front room of LeDouxville Space featured two  exhibitions:

Jesse LeDoux’s recent work, with formal geometric shapes and overlaid organic line work, explores the cyclical nature of life. This show will feature over 200 new drawings and sculptural pieces.

November - December: MIDDLE FOOTPRINT: Robert Hardgrave and Jesse LeDoux collaborate on a body of work the unexpected when Hardgrave’s fluid, unpredictable paintings meet LeDoux’s whimsical geometric drawings to create site-specific collaborative pieces. The goal with this work was to push past their individual styles in an attempt to surprise themselves with something unique. The end result arrives at a place that contains elements of both of their work, yet looks like neither.